RC-LogoRedemptive Cycles highest aim is to encourage and facilitate bicycles as both utilitarian and recreational forms of transport which make our Birmingham community a more vibrant, connected and sustainable place to live and thrive.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

Redemptive Cycles (RC) serves the Birmingham community – especially its homeless and low income members – through our 4 main charitable services: EarnaBike, Sliding Scale Repairs, a Public Work Station, and a Bicycle Mechanic Education program.

Our charitable endeavors center upon our core belief that bicycle ownership can serve as a bridge to transportation independence, community involvement and physical health for all members of our community.

  • Our Earn-a-Bike program enables individuals who are low income or homeless to work in our shop for 12 hours in exchange for a bike and appropriate safety gear that is theirs to keep.
  • Our Sliding Scale Repairs program enables individuals with self identified need to access the parts and labor necessary to keep their bicycle in safe, working order at a dramatically reduced cost (or for free).
  • Our Public Work Station enables anyone from the community to access our tool library and work bench during shop hours to perform their own repairs or get advice from our lead mechanic.
  • Our Bicycle Mechanic Education program enables any interested individual from the community to learn how to maintain and repair a bicycle in a small group, evening class setting as taught by our lead mechanic.

Birmingham has many downtown based homeless missions which serve a staggering number of homeless community members by providing housing, healthcare, nutrition, employment and rehabilitative care. We aim to complement these incredible efforts and to provide a means of transportation for those community members living at the margins which is sustainable, economical, efficient and healthful.

What makes your organization unique?

Redemptive Cycles is unique in that we strive to ensure that everyone who walks into our shop feels like a member of our growing family regardless of their socioeconomic class, gender, race, age, or cycling-know-how. We work tirelessly to make cycling an accessible form of utilitarian and recreational transport for anyone who expresses an interest. We love people: their stories, their unique perspective on the world, and their inherent goodness and we are proud that our shop serves as a second (and, sometimes, first) home for anyone who needs one. We measure success by smiles, by the achievement of transportation independence, and by joyful stories of lives changed by a bicycle.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

The Uptick Marketing Magic City Makeover will allow us to garner increased visibility within the Birmingham community and thus generate more revenue to support our charitable services. We are certain that the people we serve deserve all the help that we can provide them.

Everyone we serve is working to attain transportation independence within the confines of a limited budget and a public transport system that is less than ideal. Often, these community members are living at the margins and are struggling to get back on their feet after rough times that were outside of their control.

Owning and operating a bicycle allows able-bodied individuals who can’t afford to own a car to have independent transportation on their own schedule. People take advantage of this independence in many ways: often a bike is the difference between a person getting (and keeping) a job, frequently a bike allows people to reclaim hours of their day previously spent navigating an inefficient public transit network, and repeatedly earning a bike by an honest day’s work instills that person with a renewed sense of self-confidence, giving them the boost they need to keep on the up and up. We are amazed (and humbled) daily by the life-transforming capacity of a bicycle.

With the Uptick Marketing Magic City Makeover, we can ensure that the scope of our efforts keeps expanding and the number of people we serve continues to increase.

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