The mission of the Addiction Prevention Coalition is to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse by facilitating student-led drug prevention programs, connecting individuals to recovery resources, and fostering community collaborations that aim to reduce the stigma surrounding substance abuse. APC facilitates 20 student-led drug prevention programs in 20 middle and high schools in the Greater Birmingham Metropolitan Area. We also connect individuals to recovery resources through our online resource directory with over 2,100 unique visits per year and fosters community collaborations to reduce the stigma surrounding substance abuse through hosting quarterly community awareness events and working toward our vision of a substance and alcohol abuse free Birmingham.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

We are who we serve. That’s our motto. Because addiction impacts each sector of the community, we serve any individual who reaches out for help. As a resource directory for addiction and recovery assistance, we are the connection between struggling individuals and essential resources and recovery centers.

Furthermore, our Code Red Chapters, which are student-l ed initiatives, benefit students within Birmingham who need to understand the real impact of addiction and how addiction is a negative social norm. One student recounted his experience with Code Red, saying “The chapter is a safe place where we can discuss issues that we cant talk about anywhere else. My friends all talk about how great it is to have a place to go where there is no judgment and we can figure out things I think every school needs Code Red!” Angela, our student programs coordinator, connects with the students on a personal level and enables and empowers them to develop leadership skills that will be the driving force of Birmingham’s tomorrow. Our youth are our future; and ensuring that they are substance and alcohol free is not our job. It is our passion.

On a larger scale, we also impact businesses and organizations. In May and June, we are initiating our positive signage campaign that recognizes businesses that do not sell marijuana paraphernalia, alcohol, and tobacco. Our Drug Free Communities Board will delegate and implement this project, which benefits community members by illuminating legal consequences of buying alcohol for minors and reinforcing positive alternatives.

Our benefits drive as deep as addressing un employment and premature death. Currently, the national unemployment rate is 4.1%; Birmingham, although slightly lower, sits at 3.8%. Recent studies have connected substance abuse with unemployment (due to poor work performance and failed drug tests and pre-screening processes). Our mission is to 1) provide resources to those currently struggling 2) unite with family members and survivors to fight the stigma and 3) enable students in their own student-led programs to understand and prevent substance abuse and form positive relationships with their peers in order to develop leadership skills, cultural competency, and teamwork abilities.

What makes your organization unique?

Each one of our staff members has been personally impacted by substance and alcohol abuse. Our Executive Director, Mike Vest, has survived the impact of four generations of substance abuse. He is dedicated to identifying key factors linked to substance abuse and igniting a well-informed community to fight the stigma of addiction and prevent further generations from entering into this epidemic.

Danny Molloy, the Addiction Prevention Coalition brand ambassador, testifies to the deathly grip that addiction can have. “I was addicted to heroin and have been to over 20 rehabs. One of my issues was, I never knew exactly HOW addiction started so I fell into it. I haven’t used Heroin in 8 years now! I am now sharing my story in many schools and with many students to hopefully keep someone off of the path that I went down. It is very important that we make kids and young adults aware of the dangers of substance abuse. APC has allowed me to share my story with thousands of students all over the state.”

Angela, who manages student programs, has lived in Birmingham for her entire life and connects with the students on a personal level. Angela lives and breathes student growth and development. Instead of pointing students in the right direction, Angela develops long lasting relationships with each youth that she encounters. She takes the time to get to know them; to understand their needs; and to make sure that they know that we are here to ensure their success—whether at school or at home.

The Addiction Prevention Coalition does not simply encourage individuals to say no to drugs; we are u nique because we provide the direction, resources, and relationships for individuals to say yes to positive choices and yes to the growth and development of Birmingham as a city.

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Birmingham needs us; and we need you to help us reach our community. We started with a handful of schools and now serve over twenty. Our students have grown from accepting social norms and stigmas to developing positive habits that fight replace these norms with leadership and confidence.

We are teachers; resource providers; listeners; supporters; but more importantly, we are Birmingham. We do not think that we deserve this makeover; we think that we need it in order to better serve our community. We value the perspective, creativity, and passion of Uptick Marketing and believe that this opportunity will help us reach struggling individuals.

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