Our mission is to honor Alabama Veterans of all military services from the 20th century forward with the preeminent destination in the Southeast to commemorate, connect with and care for veterans and their families.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

All Alabama Military Veterans and families

What makes your organization unique?

Our organization is unique because we have perhaps the most accurate compilation of Alabama Veterans who died in American conflicts from World War I and forward. We honor Veterans with our two main programs throughout the year on Veterans Day and Memorial Day and through our educational programs used by local elementary school teachers to teach students about military history and the importance of honoring those who served. We also leverage our contacts in the community to provide mental health and financial planning resources for interested Veterans.

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Our foundation believes that our country, and community, is stronger by memorializing and remembering those that sacrificed so much for our way of life. If we fail in this endeavor, our communities will become indifferent about those sacrifices. Service in our armed forces should be revered in order to motivate future generations to fight for our values and way of life. Pride and reverence for service matters! We look forward to the possibility of working with Uptick to further our foundation’s mission and to make the Alabama Veterans Memorial Park a place that Birmingham can truly be proud of.

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