Our mission is to feed people in need today and foster collaborative solutions to end hunger tomorrow.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

The Community Food Bank of Central Alabama serves 12 counties across Central Alabama with over 11 million meals each year. Nearly one in six individuals and nearly one in four children in our service area is food insecure (81,570 children). The Food Bank serves 60,000-80,000 individuals per month. We focus our efforts to the needy, ill, and children while actively working with our community partners to solve the root causes of hunger for Alabama families. 44% of individuals seeking food assistance have worked for pay in last the 12 months and 57% of these households have incomes below $10,000 per year.

The food bank saves over 5 million meals a year from going to waste in local landfills by working with local grocery stores to rescue commercially excess, but fully edible and wholesome foods. We also purchase food and collect donated product from multiple sources. We then distribute that food to over 230 nonprofits in our community that act as our agency partners. Those agencies include emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, rehabilitation centers, and children’s programs. In turn, the agencies that receive food from the food bank must agree to distribute that food to those in need free of charge.

What makes your organization unique?

In addition to our agency network, we provide numerous direct-services including:

  • Kids Meal Campaign –Weekenders Backpack, Weekenders Family Market, and Summer Meals programs.
  • These programs provide meals to children and their families at times when free school meals are unavailable.
  • Ending Senior Hunger Initiative –Benefits Enrollment Center, Food Insecurity Screening Tools, and Food Box Delivery
  • The Benefit Enrollment Center helps vulnerable seniors access resources such as SNAP (food stamp) benefits, utility assistance, and much more. Our Food Insecurity Screening tool is now used across UAB’s geriatric clinics to identify and provide help for seniors in need of healthy food. Some of our Mobile Pantries provide hand delivered food boxes and fresh produce to seniors right at their door.
  • Mobile Pantries & Hospital Pantries – Provides aid to those in food deserts, NICUs, and UAB’s campus In food deserts where there are few or no partner agencies to distribute food, we set up a monthly drop of shelf-stable food boxes as well as fresh produce at easy-to-access locations such as school parking lots and community and recreation centers.
  • Social Enterprises – Mother’s Milk Bank of Alabama, Corner Market Mobile Grocery Store
  • The Food Bank created, fostered, and now hosts the first Mother’s Milk Bank of Alabama wh ere donated breast milk is collected, screened, pasteurized, and delivered to neonatal intensive care units in hospitals across the state providing premature and critically ill infants with vital nutrients only found in human breast milk. The Corner Market is 24-foot, one-aisle, non-profit, grocery store on wheels providing low-cost produce, meats, and other foods to neighborhoods lacking full-service grocery stores.

Despite our small size and lack of resources, the Community Food Bank is one of the most innovative food banks in the nation, always finding ways to do more with less and less. We have a huge and increasing need in Central Alabama, and CFB is ever struggling to meet that need and fight the root causes of hunger.

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We may be small, but we are mighty! You will not find a more dedicated staff than our Food Bank family. We truly do live to serve our community and pour our hearts and souls into our work. Working at a non-profit is not easy. We work long hours for little pay, but our emotional investment in our cause makes us loyal to the mission. This makeover would not only uplift the organization and provide much-needed services that we otherwise could not afford, but it will uplift our staff by giving us a brand to be proud of and a means to share it with the world.

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