The mission of First Priority is to assist local churches across Central Alabama in equipping, encouraging and empowering Christian students to live out their beliefs on the public-school campus, as well as reaching out to others in service and need oriented evangelism to make a positive difference. The First Priority organization is built upon student-initiated and student-led campus clubs in middle and high schools.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

First Priority works to serve this generation of students in the Greater-Birmingham Area. Every week during the regular school year, well over 15,000 elementary, intermediate, middle and high school students participate in clubs on nearly 200 school campuses across Central Alabama. In addition, First Priority offers training for nearly 1,000 student leaders through our annual Leader’s Summit. This event is recognized by each school board in Greater Birmingham, and up to 10 of the top First Priority student leaders from each school are allowed to be excused for the day to participate in our leadership training event. Each year for See You at the Pole (SYATP), the annual global day of student prayer, First Priority helps organize gatherings at the flagpole as well as rallies held on the evening of SYATP where thousands of students participate. Lastly, First Priority is a campus ministry of the local church. First Priority is a strategy that works with multi-denominations to give local churches a plan to reach every student on the school campus with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. First Priority is not a parachurch organization. We do not exist without local churches partnering with our strategy to reach their community and school campuses with Christ.

What makes your organization unique?

First Priority is a multi-denominational organization that goes to the front line of where these teenagers are, their public school, to share the Hope of Christ instead of expecting teenagers to come to us.

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Jesus says in John 14:14, “If we ask anything in His name, it will be done.” We are asking because we need your help to share the vision of reaching every student with the Gospel. Our teenagers are in a crisis – approximately 43% are growing up in fatherless homes. Suicide ranks in the top 3 causes of deaths among teenagers and 63% of those suicides are from fatherless homes. The answer is Jesus; He is what they need. We understand there are many others that need your expertise as well, but we are believing in favor and that we will stand above the rest of the applicants.

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