Serving Hope, Inc’s Mission: “Serving Hope by teaching food service work and life skills through Christ’s love.” Serving Hope Motto: ” Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Mark 12:31

Our mission succinctly sums up our desires for Serving Hope, Inc. We seek to teach the underserved citizens of Huntsville and greater Madison county life skills and job skills though hands-on instruction. This method of training gives our students a sense of pride in their accomplishments and a desire to re-enter the workforce while giving back to the community. Serving Hope enacts true community restoration through education and mentorship. The Serving Hope curriculum is designed to empower and enrich our students with the necessary skills to be successful and competitive in the job market.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

We serve Madison county residents over the age of 18 who fall into one or more of our service groups which include: Veterans,

drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation program graduates, low-income individuals and survivors of abuse. While these categories are our main focus our program accepts potential students on a case by case basis and we encourage any interested parties to apply.

Serving Hope is located at 415 Church Street Huntsville, AL where the affluent and the poor meet. Behind our location are two of the city’s largest homeless camps. According to the US census, 42% of the population living within a one-mile radius of Serving Hope, Inc. live below the poverty line. Many of these people are surviving day-to-day with no hope of emerging from their situation and lack the tools to do so. We serve those individuals who need a hand-up and want to learn a set of skills that all but guarantees long-term employment.

What makes your organization unique?

Our organization is unique for many reasons but five standout from the rest.

First, Serving Hope, Inc. is Alabama’s first and only 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a functioning cafe that serves as a school. There are other nonprofits in the country that are similar to Serving Hope, Inc. but we are breaking new ground in Alabama.

Second, we offer on the job training, Dave Ramsey financial peace university, corporate chaplaincy, uniforms, books, study materials, ServSafe preparation and testing at no cost to our students. That’s right, the ‘Hope Heals’ program is completely free.

Third, we recognize that our students devote a great deal of time to our curriculum. As such, our students receive a stipend for each training hour completed at Serving Hope. In addition to providing our program at no cost to the student, Serving Hope compensates trainees.

Fourth, Cyn Shea’s cafe and catering is a Division of Serving Hope, Inc. and is the main source of income for Serving Hope. The cafe is special because it is drug-free which is completely unheard of in the restaurant industry. This rule is sacred to us because many of our students and employees have dealt with substance abuse in the past and this policy shapes our campus atmosphere as a place for those who are in recovery as well as those who just wish to work in a safe and secure environment.

Fifth, most importantly our organization is centered on Christ. Executive director Cynthia Shea Hart believes that all things are possible through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She created Serving Hope with God’s love at the forefront of the mission. From our cross wall with crosses from all over the world to our morning prayer during group huddles, Christ’s light & love shines through every part of what we do.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

Serving Hope, Inc. deserves the Uptick Marketing Magic City Makeover because as a new nonprofit organization we need help from talented and qualified individuals to help our organization be the best it can be. Our students come to us looking for hope and we endeavor to serve them as they learn to believe in themselves and trust in God’s plan. We believe that this marketing makeover would allow us to share our mission and God’s love with persons we may otherwise never have come in contact with.

For 20 years prior to Serving Hope’s inception Cynthia through her other restaurants gave back to many other non-profits in the Madison County area. Many of our employees are graduates of the Downtown Rescue Mission and His Way. We deserve to win because that win helps not only our organization but gives back to many other nonprofits that we work with through caterings, by providing jobs, and through volunteerism. We have worked extremely hard over the past year to bring Serving Hope from dream to reality and with Uptick’s help, we can touch even more lives.

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