“As Iron Sharpens Iron, so a Friend Sharpens a Friend,” Proverbs 27:17 is our mission statement. “The Purpose of this organization is “to provide students with consistent academic support and encouragement. This organization is founded on the old adage: As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Our mentors are the iron that will be consistent pillars in their mentees lives from cheering them on in the classroom to on the field, WE PROMISE to be CONSISTENT. This is what makes us different and unique.”

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

College Program: A college aged student, grad student is paired with a mentor in their area of interest or one in which their stories line up and work towards the mentorship process where we begin development into a future Step 1-2-3 Mentor for the program in the future.

High School Program: A high school student is paired with a mentor who will help them prepare for college, job opportunities, mental toughness before entering the college environment or life experiences before moving on to college program. The aim is to put the mentee in a better position to thrive while in college and onward.

Middle School Program: A middle school student is paired with a mentor and tutor who will help them build the necessary learning skills to excel and build a foundation for retention at the middle school level. The aim is to help during the crucial years of childhood development to build the social skill to be resilient in high school.

Elementary School Program: An elementary school student is paired with a mentor who will help inspire the creative side of children and work on spending quality time with children who are in need of person who believes in them. The aim is to push children to reach their full potential and begin early laying the learning foundation and willingness to be lifelong learners and positivity promoters. Help them achieve small milestones.


1) This mento ring program focuses on mentoring and outreach initiatives that develop dynamic individuals by creating a long-term mentorship action plan.

2) Each mentor who signs up for the program comes with one focus: “Mentorship for Life”

3) Committing to the mentee long-term breeds a sense of collaborative effort to grow and lift one another up.

4) Having the program reach all levels of a person’s development process is what sets this program apart.

What makes your organization unique?

Our program differs from the usual teacher aide or community oriented big brother or big sister organization. It focuses on increasing academic achievement for students and developing skills and values employers seeks from future leaders. These skills are taught by qualified adults committed to life-long relationships to life-long relationships with K-12 students and college students. Each of our board members participates in the program as well. We aim to be intentional about learning innovation.

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First, we expect our potential members to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the charge of continuous mentorship within our own organization with professional development and personal encouragement. We plan to present well-deserving Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative members with recognition to promote the value of consistently being a change-agent in a team member’s life.

Next, we expect this organization to be an avenue through which we can also effectively promote support networks to Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative members and the empowerment of students who are struggling academically and personally from Elementary School to College. This organization will provide our members with an opportunity to network with professionals and emotionally intelligent persons in and outside of their fields of interest. One of our primary focuses for this organization is celebrating consistency in mentorship in the professional, personal and academic fields. Such a celebration is needed in the community where the vast majority of students are not supported adequately in all areas of conflict within a school setting. We plan to collaborate with others service-oriented organizations in the surrounding college communities to influence the greatest number of people possible. Furthermore, we also want to make a lasting impression on the surrounding community. To create the greatest impact possible, we are establishing relationships with several local businesses to make this happen.

Overall, we expect the influence of this organization to range from our 20 plus members, to various professionals, to area schools, to local businesses, to service organizations, and to the community at large. We want for every man or woman who participates or assists this organization to gain a feeling of strength and confidence knowing that they are capable of great things. We ultimately want these men and women to realize their individual potential so that they can apply it to their own personal aspirations and one day use their gifts to impact their community and possibly the world. The digital marketing and strategy from your team can only help increase our reach, exposure, and impact as we continue to grow in these ways.

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