Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for helping your business rank higher in search results. When people search for your company on Google, Bing, or any other search engine, you want to show up. Regardless of your industry, your target market uses the Internet to learn more about products and services. Get a leg up on the competition by helping your website appear higher in search results with SEO services.

Why SEO Matters

Did you know that Google is the most popular website in the United States? Most people never make it past the first page of the search results page. Therefore, in order to get more leads for your business, you need to be on the first page.

Digital marketing and SEO services help your business show up when people are actively searching for your business, products, or services.


What Matters for SEO?

Search engine optimization simply cannot be overlooked in today’s digital world. However, many businesses are not properly using SEO to drive leads and sales. Appearing higher in search results is a relatively complicated process, especially since Google search algorithms frequently change.

Below are some (not all) of what matters when it comes to improving SEO for your website:

  • Keyword research
  • High-quality content on your website (using appropriate keywords)
  • Meta titles and descriptions (controls what shows up in search results)
  • Website and web page loading speed
  • Schema markup (too technical to explain here)
  • Domain age and hosting data
  • Website design (including user-friendliness and mobile-friendly web design)
  • And more


As you can see, SEO involves so much more than simply the keywords on your website. Everything from the design of your website to the quality of the content matters when trying to rank in search results.

There is another part of SEO that is also very important – local SEO.

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Why You Need Local SEO Services

Local search engine optimization involves ensuring your business has consistent and accurate information in online directories. Completing this information and ensuring consistency helps build trust with Google (and other search engines). This process is crucial for every local business, but also helps businesses that operate internationally.

When it comes to local search results the following factors affect your local search results:

  • Directory optimization (complete profiles, consistency, accuracy)
  • Online reviews
  • Links back to your website
  • Social media signals
  • Behaviors (i.e. how often people click your business in search results)
  • And more


Any great SEO strategy for your business needs to include both on-site search engine optimization as well as local SEO.

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All the Online Marketing You Need – In One Place

Optimizing your website involve so much more than the use of keywords. For SEO, everything from blogging and social media to online reviews and links back to your website matters.

With Uptick Marketing, you get all of the digital marketing you need with a single marketing agency. We have a team of 16 full-time experts who specialize in everything from SEO and local SEO to social media marketing, website design, digital media advertising, content marketing, and more.

We have clients from a variety of industries, ranging from small businesses to international companies. Our agency has proven success with increasing website traffic, helping our clients obtain a competitive advantage in crowded markets. Let us help you outrank your competitors and get maximum ROI from your marketing budget.

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