Dawn is our Office Manager who helps keep the gears in the Uptick machine turning smoothly. She handles everything from accounting and billing to arranging delicious catered meals for events (and, of course, taking care of the snacks). She draws upon her considerable experience in the industry to be a seasoned resource for the Uptick team; she is the executive director of AAF Birmingham, owns her own freelance video production company, and was even the Alabama location manager for the movie Talladega Nights. Perhaps her biggest claim to fame is working for an advertising agency in Tennessee that handled the Ernest movies and commercials - yes, that Ernest, with Jim Varney.

When Dawn isn’t helping Uptick run smoothly, you can find her on location, helping to run shoots for a wide variety of organizations and events. She loves to scour thrift stores - and the side of the road - for treasures. She’s also a member of the century-old Millbrook Garden Club and has a mean green thumb.

Most Interesting TV Experience:
Being the case researcher for the Judge Alex court TV show
Favorite Movie:
School of Rock
Best Road Trip Experience:
Driving a 15-passenger van to every SEC school to get sports footage