Lance Moore

Senior SEO Consultant

As the person who originally built Uptick’s SEO department from the ground up, no one is more qualified than Lance to spearhead our company’s SEO sales, business development, and overall strategies. Lance’s expertise in the world of optimization makes him the ideal person to keep Uptick on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving SEO world, but his wisdom extends even beyond the walls of our agency; as a member of Samford University’s Entrepreneurship, Management, and Marketing Advisory Board, Lance helped build the university’s first digital marketing course.

In addition to significant involvement at Samford, Lance has spoken at the Birmingham chapter of the American Marketing Association, co-hosted Grow With Google small business events, and presented to both the Birmingham and Huntsville chapters of the Public Relations Council of Alabama. He is a trusted voice in the community when it comes to anything search-related (think James Spann, but with SEO instead of tornados) and shares his knowledge freely with anyone who asks.

When he’s not advising our company about the latest SEO development, you’ll probably find Lance playing outside with his wife and son. He’s a wonderful blend of tech nerd and outdoorsman, taking breaks from Google Search Console to climb a mountain or kayak in a nearby state park. He’s also an avid bargain hunter and keeps an enormous stash of snacks in his office that collectively cost him no more than $2.00. But arguably his greatest skill is playing cornhole—we think his height gives him an unfair advantage, but we’re probably just jealous.

Yes. And toothbrushes. And gum. And Tide pens. And…

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