We knew we liked Luke as soon as we met him, and it wasn’t just because of his ability to quote The Office as well as the rest of us. He’s one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet, and as quick as he is with a joke, he’s even quicker with a kind word.

Luke has his Master’s degree in technical copywriting, which makes him the ideal writer for Uptick’s more technical clients—from heavy industrial maintenance to scientific research and everything in between. But please don’t think this means he can’t write for our less technical clients. Whether he’s developing a landing page for a nonprofit or crafting ad copy for a local business, Luke’s copywriting skills seem to know no bounds—and whatever you do, don’t get into a pun war with him. No one, and we mean no one, can come up with a killer pun as quickly as Luke can; you might say he slays them. (See what we did there? Yeah, we’re not as good at it as he is.)

Default Halloween Costume:
"Prison Mike" from The Office
If He Wasn't a Copywriter, He Would Be:
A copyeditor (He really loves copy)
Best Thing About Him:
His laugh