What is Social Media Monitoring and Management?

While Social Media Marketing includes posting to your pages, Social Media Monitoring and Management takes it a step further—it’s our way of keeping tabs on all your brand mentions and reacting accordingly. With this service, we listen to what’s being said about you on the internet by taking a detailed look at all the people and pages who make reference to your brand on the various social platforms. Specifically, we look at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram mentions.

And in addition to monitoring your brand mentions, we also strategically follow other accounts and like other posts to encourage mutual engagement.

Protect Your Brand through Social Media Monitoring and Management

Monitoring brand mentions is not just important for knowing what others are saying about your business—it’s also crucial for being able to field any customer questions and concerns. And nothing will turn people away faster than a bad customer service experience.

In today’s world, a lot of customer service happens via social media, and your business needs to adapt to that reality. Being approachable and responsive on social media works wonders for supporting your brand’s image.

Despite this truth, almost 90% of social messages to brands go unanswered. This is a massive missed opportunity for these brands! Don’t let this be you. One answered post could be the difference between a purchase and an abandoned cart.

Let Uptick help you!

If you’d like to leverage the power of Social Media Monitoring and Management but just don’t have the manpower or time on your side, contact the Uptick team today and learn how we can help! 

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