What Is a Buyer Persona?

buyer persona

Have you ever heard the term “buyer persona?” It’s a tool we use in marketing to flesh out the ideal customer for any given business. They help us make decisions about why we’re speaking in a certain voice, marketing a certain product, or using certain key messages.

Here are a few components you’ll need to create the ideal buyer persona for your business.

A Good Understanding of Your Audience

Are you marketing to people in their golden years, or are you marketing to college students? Is your audience married or single? Do they have children? Where do they work, play, live?

These are all things you need to know about your target audience. Without an understanding of who, exactly, is using your product or service, you won’t know who you’re talking to, and you won’t be able to craft a message that resonates with them.

One way to get an understanding of who you’re talking to is by utilizing social media analytics. Take a look at who is actually interacting with your brand as opposed to the people you thought were interacting with your brand. They’re not always the same thing!

A Useful Layout

Every good buyer persona needs a few things to make it successful:

  • A fictional name (it may sound silly, but you want to use a name – trust me!)
  • Job title and main job responsibilities
  • The goals that your product or service will help them accomplish
  • Their pain points
  • A brief “quote” from the persona that sums up what they need

There may be additional considerations to make with a buyer persona, but that would vary from one business to the next.

Use It!

After you have crafted your buyer persona, there is one very important step you must take: USE IT.

Don’t let it sit there, not working, not giving guidance to every message your company puts out into the world. Use it, and watch as your audience engagement becomes richer and more engaged than you ever thought possible.

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