Looking to provide quick, helpful responses to potential customers without manually answering the same questions every day? Get an artificially intelligent website chatbot!

Today’s consumers expect brands to be available 24/7 to answer their pressing questions – which means that if a business doesn’t quickly reply, customers may go to the competition. Website chatbots can help your business quickly answer customer questions without tethering you to your computer.

What Are Artificial Intelligence Website Chatbots?

AI chatbots are programmed in a way that mimics realistic conversation. Therefore, when customers chat with you via the chatbot, the software automatically answers frequently asked questions for you (based on information you put into the system). The responses are completely customizable, and email notifications are delivered to your inbox, allowing you to jump into the conversation when needed.

Be accessible to potential customers – keep customers on your website instead of chatting with the competition.

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Why Use AI Chatbots

Streamline communication between you and potential customers, utilizing AI chatbots to:

  • Enable customer support questions and sales conversations
  • Qualify leads based on information collected
  • Schedule meetings or phone conversations with customers
  • Offer fast automated responses to common questions
  • Measure customer user experience regarding your site
  • Offer team call-back hours and availabilities

Save time and meet the growing demands of website visitors with website chatbots!

Interested in learning more about AI chatbots for your website? Contact Uptick Marketing today to learn how we can help you stay connected to potential customers.

Website Chatbots Stats

website chatbots of businesses will have some type of chatbot automation by 2020.
of consumers don't care if they chat with a bot or a real person.
of consumers use chatbots to get instant responses.

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