What is Responsive Website Design?

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In today’s mobile society, over 60% of Internet usage in the United States is from mobile devices. A responsive website means your website design scales to fit the device in which it is being viewed. Basically, your website is “responding” depending on the device, meaning it will look great on everything from a television all the way down to an iPhone.

For example, a page that is designed for desktop screens will have several problems when viewed on a much-smaller screen, including font that is difficult to read, buttons and links that are hard to click, and images that look distorted. Responsive design allows for a versatile layout that adapts to the device.

The result is a much better user experience, which helps keep potential customers on your website – right where you want them.

Why a Responsive Website is Essential

In addition to user experience, search engines favor responsive website design. Therefore, failing to have a responsive website ultimately decreases your search rankings. Due to the high number of mobile devices on the market, this requirement is definitely here to stay.

Below is a brief list of why responsive website design is essential for your business:

  • Better user experience
  • Increase in search rankings
  • Higher conversion rates for mobile visitors
  • Faster load times (keeps people from immediately leaving your mobile site)

Your target market is using their mobile devices to search for your products and services online. Ensure your website is designed in a manner that helps turn those visitors into paying customers, instead of sending them toward your competition.

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